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Painting Arolla and The Grand Hotel & Kurhaus

This painting diary is from my recent trip to Arolla. I'm stayed in a fantastic hotel surrounded by pine forest and snowy mountains. The start of the week consisted of skiing and walking about the region to discover the views and see what inspires me the most. It's winter and very cold right now so ski touring equipment is the obvious choice here. I take a pencil and sketch book along with some small boards which I can paint postcard sized works on to test ideas and compositions. The Hotel interior Right from the first day I was inspired to also paint the lobby at the hotel. It looks over a balcony, through a beautiful forest made up of...

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Art for happiness; Get Inspired with Penelope & Danny.

"Art for happiness" is what comes to mind writing this article, hence the title. Danny & Penelope are a couple, and both good friends of mine.  Danny and I first met over a cup of tea at a bakery in Champéry. Due to our shared interest in art and the fact that we were both in the same small town, was good enough reason for us to meet so we got chatting. Since myself Danny and Penelope have become friends. We've been painting together, drawing on iPads together and also spent an afternoon drawing together at their home. Both Danny and Penelope are artists in their own right. Danny has an exhibition coming up soon in February...

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A Smithy Frameworks bespoke bicycle built for Plein air painting

Ordering a bespoke bicycle


You might not think that a bespoke bicycle and painting have much to do with each other, but this bike changes everything.  I have been painting ‘en plein air‘  for a few years with an idea in the back of my mind.  Often painting in the mountains I would would arrive at the top, tired and wishing I could stay and start another canvas without having to walk back down, then up again.

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The Easel Editorial, a Newsletter made better.

If you’re an Art Lover, Creator or Collector this is for you.

Daniel’s monthly Editorial aims to inspire. With new artists to watch and news from around the art community. Videos, blog posts and tutorials along with exhibition dates. All inside.