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Exhibiting at the Welsh Assembly

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Exhibiting at the Welsh Assembly

It’s a huge privilege to have my painting of ‘Montgomery Town Crier’ hanging at the Welsh Assembly ‘Senedd’ in Cardiff this month.

The Portrait, of Montgomery Town Crier (Susan Blower) will be on display and open to the public from 31st September until 21st October 2016.
A very special thank you to everyone who came to the event held in the Senedd (Welsh Assembly) this week, organised by AM Russell George in support of Myself and Montgomery Town crier.

Town crying is an ongoing tradition, which still exists in many towns to this day. Typically using the words “Oyez” meaning “hear ye”, along a large bell to gather the people’s attention. Historically, it was an officer of the court who would make public pronouncements. As many people could not read or write, this was the best means of communication with the people of the town. This painting is of Susan Blower, who is Montgomery’s current Town Crier. The portrait itself is a great celebration of Welsh Heritage and an important part of Montgomery Town history lives on today. Very much like the artist, the tools of the trade remains the same today.

The frame was framed in Welshpool by the wonderful people at Kingswood Framers in Welshpool. The frame in this case was chosen to reflect the classical nature of the subject and style of the painting. With a Dutch Gold leaf. The full size of the frame is 130cm x195.

The Welsh Assembly, is a devolved assembly with power to make legislation in Wales. The Assembly comprises 60 members, who are known as Assembly Members who meet at the Sennedd, designed by the Richard Rogers partnership. Is well worth a visit and has some wonderful views, located on in Cardiff Bay.

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