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Exhibition/art tour Opened 16th January 2021

Prolonged until 28th February 2021

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Now a renowned artist with work hanging in collections worldwide. Daniel has completed several noteworthy portrait commissions to date, most recently including one for Lord William & Lady Hague. His Self portraits are also proving to be quite collectable with 4 out of the 5 completed now sold. One of which was purchased by the National Library of Wales added ‘Self portrait no.3’ and added to their iconic collection. The most recent you can see on display here in Champéry.

Today Daniel offers you to take a hot drink and a walk through town to discover his most recent works from the last two years. After exploring Wales and the Portes du Soleil, finding inspiration both close to home and high at altitude, the result is a varied collection of oil landscapes. Works are primarily inspired the light and nature, naturalistic in style with brush strokes that can be seen and admired.



Daniel James Yeomans a étudié l’art du portait dans un atelier traditionnel à Florence nommé ‘Charles Cecil Studios’. C’est là-bas qu’il a découvert la méthode ‘sight size’ couramment utilisée par de nombreux maîtres de la peinture classique. Passionné par le portrait, Daniel continue de peindre selon cette méthode qui requiert la presence continue du sujet et permet de capturer les changements de saisons et de lumière.

Daniel est aujourd’hui un artiste reconnu, dont les peintures sont collectionnées en Europe comme aux Etats-Unis. Au cours des dernières années il a réalisé de nombreux portraits pour ses clients, dont une toile de grande dimension pour le politicien anglais – Lord William Hague. Ses autoportraits sont particulièrement recherchés – 4 ont été acquis par des collectionneurs parmi lesquels figure la Galerie nationale du Pays de Galles. Son autoportrait le plus récent, “Self portrait no.5’, est exposé à Champéry jusqu’à fin janvier.

Aujourd’hui Daniel vous propose de vous promener dans le village, une boisson chaude à la main, à la recherche de ses toiles exposées dans les vitrines des commerces locaux. Pour réaliser ses peintures il a cherché l’inspiration tant dans des lieux familiers que sur les sommets. Son travail, inspiré par la nature et la lumière, se distingue par un coup de pinceau assuré et distinctif que vous pouvez admirer au cours de votre visite.

Poster download (pdf)

Here you can download the official Exhibition poster with any details you might need.  For further enquiries or to reserve paintings ahead of the opening please email Daniel directly.

Download your exhibition map

Here you will find the itinerary for the exhibition in Champéry which starts Saturday afternoon.  For any further enquires please contact Daniel directly on +41 76 7673201 or via email.


Exhibition Opened: 30th November 2019

Exhibition Closed: 18th January 2020

In in 2019 The National Library of Wales added Daniel’s  ‘Self portrait no.3’ to their iconic collection and Daniel’s painting of friend Tim was also selected for the Jackson’s art award.  In between commissions Daniel has been exploring Wales for the last two years. With fluid brushwork and light reminiscent of the impressionists this latest collection of oil landscapes takes you on a painted exploration of his most-loved and hidden treasures around Wales.


Exhibition was at the MOMA Gallery, Machynlleth, Powys. SY20 8AJ

Exhibition Catalogue

This catalogue is for those of you wanting to see the exhibition as curated in the gallery.  It is free to download and can be viewed in your own time whilst offline. Prices of each painting can be found in the online gallery and for any other queries please email Daniel directly.

2020 Calendar

A 2020 Calendar Available to purchase at the Dyfi Roastery where you can make a delicious coffee stop on route to see the exhibition.  The Large format Calendar includes select paintings from Daniel’s latest exhibition of plein air paintings from around Wales that you can cut out & frame at the end of the year.

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