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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Deborah who loves collecting art wanted to celebrate Her and Tod’s wonderful life together with a charcoal commission to hang alongside their collection at home.

Commissioning family portraits is an opportunity that brings not only a timeless work of art into your house, but is a lovely way to remember a certain period of life. Portrait commissions bring the excitement of investment in a chosen artist. Each painter has their own painterly interpretation and observation of a sitter’s character not to mention the experience of having it painted and the stories that come with it.
A portrait from life, can lead to a wonderfully interesting record to last for generations.They are an incomparable, unique illustrative record of a family at a certain stage in their lives.

for more information on Commissions see the ‘Tuition’ page or contact Daniel via the contact page for any other enquiries.

for more information see https://www.danieljamesyeomans.comtuition/

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