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Learning to draw a portrait

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Learning to draw a portrait

This month my student Jane and I are cast drawing and working through the steps toward painting a portrait from life.  

I studied cast and figure drawing for nearly a year at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence before moving on to drawing portraits from life, so I can testify how important and useful this procedure is. Furthermore it sharpens your eye through practice and increases your confidence.  Most importantly, critiques whilst cast drawing give you the knowledge of how best to translate the visual impact of 3D cast on to your flat canvas in a mature and successful way. This can really only be learned through the combination of practice along with guidance and critique.

As we progress through the various stages I will be posting clips from our drawing and painting sessions to give people an idea of what they can expect from tuition at the studio.  It will also give a glimpse into what is like to be a model, commission a portrait or maybe even a landscape painting.

If you want to learn more about cast drawing and learning to draw the figure you can visit the  Tuition page here.





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