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Prints, cards, painted postcards and other small works.

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Red Sails Poster

Red Sails, Porth Diana – A2 Print

Creative block

Creative Block – A2 Print

Painting les Dents du Midi from the Balcony. preview of what the print will look like in a frame

Painting Dents du Midi on the Balcony – A2 Print

AN oil painting of a Boat in the morning mist. 35x55cm .

Boat in the morning mist – A2 Print

Last Light, Pra Gra

Last Light at Pra Gra – A2 Print

Hotel Kurahaus Arolla – A2 Print

A3 print of a painting titled 'sweet peas on the artists table'

Sweet Peas on the Artist’s table- A2 Print

Hotel Kurahaus Arolla with view of Mont Collon – A2 Print


Prints of an original oil paintings.

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


Luxury postcards – Oil on canvas with a hardboard support. Quite often studies for larger works. Small is beautiful.

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The 12-month ‘Collectorplan’

CHF 158.30 / Month For 12 Months

Become a Patron of the arts and start your Collectorplan today. An artist’s income is constantly fluctuating. To minimise this Daniel offers his own Collectorplan scheme. It’s a simple monthly payment of CHF 158.30 over a twelve month period. (Total CHF 1,900.- ). You can select your desired painting (55x35cm) at any time during the duration of the Collectorplan.

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Available paintings

 Browse all available oil paintings from the gallery, arranged by category. To find out more about commissioning your own painting please go to the commissions page.


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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


Browse Paintings
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


Browse Paintings
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


Browse Paintings

Donate a Paintbrush

High-quality materials are one of the biggest costs of being an artist. From small brushes which cost anything upward of CHF 5.- to 225ml tubes of quality cerulean blue costing CHF230.- so any donation is very welcome. (Please select your desired amount).

Payment & Shipping

Investing in art is a special occasion and Daniel aims to make it as affordable and accessible as possible. Financing and payment plans are available for large paintings. Shipping is available to the UK and Switzerland as standard and anywhere in the World by request.


Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions to find out more and if you have any questions please contact Daniel.

Terms & Conditions

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The Easel Editorial, a Newsletter made better.

If you’re an Art Lover, Creator or Collector this is for you.

Daniel’s monthly Editorial aims to inspire. With new artists to watch and news from around the art community. Videos, blog posts and tutorials along with exhibition dates. All inside.