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Working ‘en plein air’ – Elan Valley

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Working ‘en plein air’ – Elan Valley

I have spent this last week painting ‘en plein air’, discovering new parts of Wales to paint.  With a long list of places to visit, but first stop was Elan Valley.

Home to the DamBusters testing ground in the 1940’s, and plenty of stunning scenery around the lakes.  This combined with the soft Wintery light we have at this time of year made it a painters paradise. Most of the time.

I think I experienced all the Welsh elements in one week.  Due to the lack of warm sunlight and places to get warm the cold was the main factor to watch out for whilst stood outside painting.  Three layers on the legs and six tops (including 3 warm coats) was just right, and left me just about enough room to move my arms in.  Star jumps, plus intervals of walking up and down the nearest hill to keep warm are unavoidable, probably leaving the local farmers thinking I was crazy, but keeps the toes and fingers in tact.

Please visit the gallery to enjoy some of the stunning views over Craig Goch reservoir I was able to enjoy.


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