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Winter painting by Lake Geneva

Daniel James Yeomans / Plein air painting  / Winter painting by Lake Geneva
Dan Yeomans painting Lake Geneva

Winter painting by Lake Geneva

Last week I enjoyed several days painting the beautiful Swiss scenery, en plein air. It’s a great way to escape the studio and keep painting, see new places and I usually take my painting equipment with me on holidays if possible.

In Nyon I was enjoying trying to capture the slightly hazy, wintery light by Lake Leman and even in the company of a fair crowd at times. Switzerland is, and has been home to many artists including Segantini and Ferdinand Hodler. Segantini was one of the first artists I saw who had painted en plein air on a huge scale, with canvases of up to 4 metres long. You can see his works at the museum settled on the top of a small hill at the entrance to St Moritz.



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