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Art for happiness; Get Inspired with Penelope & Danny.

"Art for happiness" is what comes to mind writing this article, hence the title. Danny & Penelope are a couple, and both good friends of mine.  Danny and I first met over a cup of tea at a bakery in Champéry. Due to our shared interest in art and the fact that we were both in the same small town, was good enough reason for us to meet so we got chatting. Since myself Danny and Penelope have become friends. We've been painting together, drawing on iPads together and also spent an afternoon drawing together at their home. Both Danny and Penelope are artists in their own right. Danny has an exhibition coming up soon in February...

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Elizabeth Lamarche sculpting in the studio

Collectable bronze sculptures by Elizabeth Lamarche

Getting to know Elizabeth Lamarche: I first met Elizabeth whilst attending the Charles Cecil studios in Florence 6 years ago.  We studied together, painting portraits, drawing the figure.  Immersing ourselves, along with the other students in all that Florence has to offer.  It really is a unique experience that provides each artist with their own differing influences and experiences.  Each artist then takes their own path onward.  Sissi, therefore is not only making amazing bronze sculptures, but also a great painter.  After her time at the school she went on to produce some fantastic sculptures which I would like to find more information about, and share with you here today.   Can you tell us about your artistic background?   Since a very young age, I have always been...

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Georges LAMBERT - Geneva

Get Inspired | with Georges Lambert

Meet Georges Lambert


Georges Lambert is a talented jeweller, living and working in the Center of Geneva, a city more known for the number of Swiss banks, Lake Léman and high street shopping.  Georges offers a welcome contrast to this, making handmade  jewellery in his small atelier at the heart of the old town.   I sat down and had a chat with Georges to find out how this all came about, what inspires him and what sets his works apart from the rest.

Get Inspired | with Anja Dunk

I met Anja Dunk through 'howies' clothing. A while back now, I raced mountain bikes and spent a lot of time travelling. At this point I was sponsored by a Welsh clothing company called howies.  Each year the riders, skaters & surfers sponsored by howies would get invited for a week away to shoot for their new clothing catalogue. At this time Anja was working for howies and seemed to be the one running around organising everything and everyone whilst keeping a great vibe going, so it was here we first became friends. Meet Anja Dunk   Anja's creativity really has no boundries and if there is one person I know who can hold down what many would consider too many projects at once and...

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