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Inspired by Light

Switzerland - Geneve

Inspired by Light

I am greatly inspired by many of the plein air painters from the European impressionist period, so painting outdoors by the water is my way of following in their footsteps.

I don’t quite have my own water boat studio just yet, although I can still enjoy all the reflections and brilliant varieties of light that come with painting by the waters edge. Geneva is full of inspiration for everyone, from the historic old town with some wonderful architecture and small cobbled streets through to the lake side itself.

I am Currently enjoying a painting holiday in Geneve, working on a few larger projects during the evening light as the sun sets just behind the Jura and silhouettes the docks. These will be revisited the same time next year as I don’t have the time to finish them this time around. The end of the summer around lake Geneva is always a great time of year to capture ever changing weather and the interesting light effects that come with it.

I am also inviting people/friends/students to paint alongside with me. So if your struggling for inspiration, or worried about going out amongst the crowds with your easel alone, do feel free to get in touch and I am happy to get you started, whether your a complete beginner or you want help working on an existing project.

To join Daniel for a day painting in Geneve or along the Lake you can email him via the contact page

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