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Art Workshop ‘en plein air’ in Geneva

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Landscape painting workshop

Art Workshop ‘en plein air’ in Geneva

Have you ever wanted to try painting ‘en plein air’ at your favourite spot but unsure of how to start? This Week I have been running an art workshop in Nyon & Geneva for artists of all abilities, with a wonderful group of people all different ages and levels.

Each day is broken down into a morning session and an afternoon session with Lunch in between. To start with I scouted the area a few days in advance to find the best spots with good light and depth of field. Our first spot was a wonderful one, just by the waters edge in Nyon. Overlooking the Lake toward Mont Blanc. It doesn’t get much better!

Everyone sets up in a spot they like and if anyone is new to painting outside I run them through the basics and lend a hand about setting up the easel and palette etc etc. After everyone is set up I usually run through a small demo and get started on my own painting talking about what to look for, how to use your paints and answer any questions. Once everyone is happy they know what to do we get started and critiques run throughout the duration if needed. This time we spent three days painting on two different canvases which were morning light and afternoon. The weather forecast was very consistent so it worked just great. If the forecast is changeable it is usually advised to bring extra canvasses or board for any art workshop that lasts more than a few days. It leaves the option to swap between projects depending on the forecast.

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