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Shadows of Dents du midi along the Axe St Apollo
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Shadows of Dents du midi along the Axe St Apollo
🔴 Sold

This painting was the result of 3 days staying at Refuge de Chalin. High up on the the plateau to the side of Dents du midi over looking the valley below.  The trip was everything we could have imagined and you can read all about our encounters with Lagopeds, chamois and the story of the  ‘Ancient Axe Apollon – St Michel’ on the blog post here

Hiking toward refuge de Chalin


Dimensions: 50x70cm
Collection: Champéry, Switzerland
Price: CHF 3,115


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January 5th, 2021
Champéry, dents du midi, L'axe St Apollo, Val D'illiez

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